Worship and Care Ministry Teams

House of Hope has adopted a ministry team structure where we utilize the talents of our members to help fulfill our mission of sharing the good news of the gospel.  Currently there are eleven ministry teams.  We invite your participation in the area of your interest.



Worship and Care Ministry Teams

Worship and the Arts Ministry Team

These volunteers will work with the Music Director to develop worship opportunities and coordinate various aspects of musical performances, choir cantata, annual youth musical, Lenten dramas, Advent Dramas, etc.  

Care Ministry Team

This ministry teams helps coordinate our Befrienders ministry, Families Moving Forward outreach, Dinner at your Door, etc.  Lay people support these ministries and ensure our benevolence, social concern and outreach programs are financed and staffed appropriately.  Programs and ministries can be developed inside with volunteers and through support of outside organizations.  The scope of these ministries is local, national and international.


Christian Nurturing Ministry Teams

Outreach & Communications Ministry Team

This Team helps launch small groups, connects with new members and visitors and plans special functions such as the community picnic and Oktoberfest to help people build relationships and grow in grace.  The team also seeks people with a desire or expertise to continue development of programs and systems which enhance the image of our church both internally and externally.

Education Ministry Team

[This ministry is led by the Associate Youth Pastor and supported by talented volunteer people who are capable of providing a wide menu of excellent educational experiences for our school age children and for all age groups.

Youth and Family Ministry Team

[These volunteers are responsible for youth and family activities, as well as young adult ministry.

Fellowship Ministry Team

This team is responsible for fellowship functions of the church throughout the year.

Operational Ministry Teams

Operational Ministry Team

This team is responsible for maintaining the church property, including facilities, equipment land and researching and recommending capital improvement programs to maintain long-term viability of our property.

Administrative Ministry Team

This team is responsible for creating meaningful job descriptions (with assistance from the Personnel Committee), evaluating staff performance and other miscellaneous administrative services.

Financial Ministry Team

This team performs treasury responsibilities including cash management and the endowment fund, accounts payable, budgeting, payroll functions, etc. The team is also responsible for developing and maintaining integrated computer systems within the church.

Stewardship Ministry Team

This team encourages the on-going use of time and talent ass well as regular financial support of the congregation. They help with education on this throughout the year as well as spearheading the annual stewardship program in the fall.