By the grace of God, since 1964, we have journeyed in our faith and life, as a House of Hope, proclaiming the gospel through worship, teaching, service to others, study, fellowship and more. We are thankful for many blessings and pray for God’s continued guidance for future years.


House of Hope Lutheran Church began its ministry in the spring of 1964 with the purchase of six acres in New Hope, MN followed by construction on the site beginning in September 1964. Our first worship service was held at New Hope Elementary School on October 4, 1964, with approximately 150 people in attendance. (The first Christmas Eve candlelight service was held on December 24, 1964, in the shell of our new church sanctuary, amidst the dust and bare walls, with a cement block for the pulpit.) One year later, in September 1965, construction was complete on our first building, a sanctuary and multipurpose room. Congregational growth and needs for its ministry brought about phases of building expansion in following years. Included were an education unit, offices, library, kitchen, remodeling of fellowship room, and, in 1979, a sacristy and a new sanctuary. In 1991, we experienced the joyful dedication of the new education wing, offices, expanded narthex, and a drive-up entry with canopy cover. (Stained glass windows, added to the sanctuary in 1996, further enhanced our worship setting.)  The church steeple was completed in 1996 with stained glass windows installed adjacent to it.

The above describes the “house” of House of Hope. From its beginnings and on through the years, its ministry has also been a source of “hope.” Hope in God, our faith and each other. Interwoven with this ministry has been the beginning of many highlights and traditions. Included are the opening of the library in 1967; whole families coming forward for communion and blessings in 1971; third grade students receiving their first bibles in 1973; and fifth graders receiving their First Communion in 1974.  The annual lutefisk and meatball dinner, first held in 1981, has become a favorite among members and the community. Youth, always one of our priorities, have been encouraged in their relationship with God and fellowship with each through many youth programs, mission trips, and touring musicals. Connecting with the community is the focus in our summer Hopefest and Living Nativity at Christmas time.


Pastors leading House of Hope in fulfilling its mission were and are:


Theodore (Ted) Nelson
Paul R. Idstrom
Richard N. Hoyme
David W. Hanson
John R. Bucka
Debra L. Warness
Hollie Holt-Woehl
Kevin A. Doely
Mark D. Vinge

September 1, 1964- June 1, 1972
July 25, 1972 – February 9, 1992
November 16, 1982 – December 15, 1986
August 2, 1987 – August 30, 1992
November 1, 1992 – October 3, 2004
September 3, 1993 – December 31, 1995
October 1, 1996 – September 2002
September 7, 2003 – August 19, 2007
January 1, 2006 – Present