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A unique community among neighboring ELCA congregations.

House Hope is a member of the Bonfire Collaborative Ministry with First Lutheran Church of Crystal and St James Lutheran Church. Bonfire is a ministry which was begun as a way of allowing these churches to do ministry in our community together in ways that we would not be able to do separately. Our collaboration includes joint worship services, retreats, confirmation/youth programs, Vacation Bible School, first communion instruction, a shared Parish Nurse , health and wellness programs as well as programs with  School District 281, like KidPark and SPARC.

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Debbie Haney, Parrish Nurse

One very important facet of our Bonfire Ministry is the Parish Nurse Program. Debbie Haney serves the three parishes in this capacity and under her leadership we have begun a respite care program which meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at House of Hope.  The Health and Wellness Team which oversees this ministry has also started a Grief Support group for the three parishes.

To contact:  Debbie Haney: 612-408-2049

Health and Wellness Team

The Gathering Place – Caregivers Support Group



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Families Moving Forward

“Families Moving Forward – The Bonfire Ministry congregations will be working together to host 3-4 families at St. James Lutheran Church the week of September 3-10. House of Hope will be providing volunteers the evenings of Tuesday, September 5 and Thursday September 7. We will be greeting, making and serving the evening meals, visiting with…

Support KidPack

Buy a “flower bouquet” picture for your mom and a “dress tie” picture for your dad.  The pictures have been colored by children and even by our Gathering Place people and are available in the narthex for a $10.00 donation to the Bonfire KidPack program.  These “flowers” will not wither and die and the “ties”…