A Lenten Note from Pastor Vinge

Dear Friends of House of Hope,

This year we have a curious coincidence.  The season of Lent which always begins on a solemn note with Ash Wednesday, happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Additionally, Easter Sunday is April 1, also known as April Fool’s Day. While these annual observances might at first glance seem to be cross purposes (no pun intended), the themes of love and even foolishness are also part of the Christian story and found throughout the Bible. In fact, we will have a little fun with these contrasting themes to lift up the gospel for this coming Lent and Easter.

Our theme for Lent this year is “Lift Every Voice.” We will be listening to five women whose voices in the Biblical story have been overlooked or overwhelmed by all the other voices that get much more airplay. Not surprisingly, for centuries, the stories of most women in the Bible have historically taken a back seat to those of the men. In fact, the original authors of the Bible often did not include the specific names of women. But some names we do know; some better than others. Eve, Sarah, Ruth, Naomi, Mary, Elizabeth are some of the more well-known female characters in the Bible. But there are others.

Just as our society is challenged by the #Me2 movement and the silencing of voices, let us consider the lesser-known female voices in the Bible who have much to offer. We hope that in amplifying thse women’s stories, we can expand our own understandng of discipleship. After all, we know that every person, every gender bears the very image of God.

Plese join us for our mid-week Lenten services, 7:00 p.m. We will use the “Prayer Around the Cross” liturgy which employs meditation chanting and candlelight.

Feb. 21:  Hannah (prayer)

Feb. 28: Miriam (worship)

March 7: Samaritan women (invitation)

March 14: Deborah (encouragement)

March 21: Dorcus (serving all people)

Pastor Mark